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    My final exam: create a new airline.
We all know flying with an airplaine is pollusive and that our fossile fuels are running out. So what if you're always buying organic chicken and you've installed solar panels on your roof but still your only option is flying kerosine?

Fly conscious, fly fair.
F.air is the zero waste airline of the future that exclusively flies on BioFuel (0% c02 emission) and with solar panel covered airplanes. All the food served on board is organic and fairtrade. The cups, plates and cutlery are all made from recycled materials. This way we want to change the way we fly today. 'We're not the cheapest, but it's a small price to pay.'

Finally, het festival season has arrived! That delicious feeling of dancing bare feet on the grass. But what if after all that tramping this beloved green is gone? Well, we've got the solution. F.air will sponsor all of the Lowlands festival cups this summer. But these aren't your ordinary cups.. 
The F.air cups are made of recycled paper with grass seeds embeddend inside. These should cups definitly be thrown on the ground! And hopefully a new thick and fresh green carpet will arise.