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    A case study of NRG Electronics website and media project.
NRG Electronics, a TV retailer and wholesaler here in Corona, first approached me because they had a website built on Wix that they were "too embarassed to show to customers". Their website could use a lot of improvement.

They also had horror stories of working with past web designers, and because of that, they were a bit apprehensive of working with any new web designers. It was my job to communicate to them my level of professionalism and how much value I could truly add to their business.

The Game Plan

The plan was simple. Figure out their needs for the project and see where it would come in during their sales process. I learned that they wanted something to show customers that they were a legit operation, show some of their offerings, and even have an FAQ section that would decrease the number of unnecessary calls that were coming in.

I also showed them how having a more personal presence would help them be more relatable to their customers. We could best do this by having headshots on their website as well as a video that simply explained what they did and what they were all about. NRG was fully on board.
Web Design

First we started with the website, after creating a couple of mockups, I reviewed them with Marc (the owner of NRG), and had him sign off on the design. After that, I got to work designing the site and coding it up.

After making everything, I tested the site on all major web browsers, and made sure it was firing on all cylinders.
Photography & Video

During the web design process, we set up a day to shoot the staff headshots, and a day to shoot the video. I really wanted to show how fun and easyoing the staff was, so we did a series of silly shots as well. Afterwards, we recorded the video, which I really wanted I portray why this small business deserved to be so much more successful than they already were.

End Result
The end result was exactly what the client and I had in mind and was something I'm truly, very proud of.
You can check out the website for yourself at: www.getyourhdtv.com