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    On today security system market . HD-TVI system will be the most easy and conveinience way to upgrade your old analog camera system
HD-TVI Camera System
When it comes to security camera systems for the home, office or facilities, the replacement of older analog systems with digital ones has been a slow process for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is the expense as you are not just replacing the cameras and recording units, but also the coaxial cable as well. Plus, there will need to be amplifiers and other supporting equipment in order to get the clearer digital signal.
However, there is a relatively new system that allows you to keep the old coaxial cables while upgrading the cameras and recording equipment to HD quality. This new system costs less than other digital models and carries the promise of being the affordable solution. The HD-TVI system is one that is garnering a considerable amount of attention for good reason.
What is the HD-TVI Camera System?
Standing for High Definition Transport Video Interface, this is technology from DSP-TVI that was originally developed by Techpoint in 2012. When the Chipset was sold to Intersel, it was put into new products that quickly became very popular in the industry, particularly with Chinese manufacturers who put it into their products.This is because the TVI coverts digital signals into analog so that the transmission distance is extended. The net effect is that the total cost is reduced and there is less storage capacity that is needed. Since the system is based on coaxial cable, the infrastructure is already in place. This means that it will support HD video of 1080p quality.
The Advantages of HD-TVI
There are several benefits of this particular system, especially when considering the technology that is available and it utilizes the best of both worlds between digital and analog.
Long Distance Transmission up to 500 yards or more
>No Video Degradation
>1080p & 720p Video Signal
>No Delay with Real Time Preview
>Can Transmit Video & Audio Signal along with Dual-Way Data Communication
>Three Signal Transmission over a Single Coaxial Cable
Essentially, the HD-TVI camera system will follow the same basic connection structure as the old analogue system without having to change cable. So, for security camera purposes you do not have to change out your old coaxial cables, just the camera and receiver system in order to get 1080p sharpness and clarity.This means that you do not have to purchase any additional special equipment or replace the older coaxial cables in your home, office or facility. This means that the new system will actually save money over purely digital systems that require new cables, amplifiers and other equipment. Plus, because the TVI chipset is open and not sealed, you can even customize your own recording system with the product.
All in all, the HD-TVI system is one that allows for greater flexibility at a lower cost to convert video security from analog to digital without the added expense of replacing wires or adding support equipment.