Ohio Holocaust Memorial
Ohio Statehouse Lawn
Columbus, Ohio
The Ohio Holocaust Memorial's mission is as follows:  "To create a memorial that would help legislators and visitors to The [Ohio] Statehouse understand not just the history of the Holocaust, but the fact that today we must stand against evil. To construct something that can teach people about man's inhumanity to man. To create a monument to remember victims of the Holocaust, Ohio survivors and liberators; inspiring people to think and act differently in the face of hatred, anti-Semitism and genocide."
    This mission was completed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. The memorial is comprised of four different inscriptions along a marble wall that leads to a bronze sculpture portraying the Star of David with the inscription being "Stars" - A story about two cousins who survived the Holocaust; based on an interview by Ellen Blakfein with Michael Schwartz, March 31, 1979.
Studio Danie Libeskind
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