Unicef invitation card

During the course of my second year in school, Unicef held a competition to design an invitation card for a benefit dinner to raise more awareness of babies born with the HIV virus in third-world countries.

Certain guidelines had to be maintained.

The card had to consist of two sides. The front had to be an original image or photo, somehow resembling the cause they are fighting for, which is stopping / curing infants born with HIV.
Also, the logo of the school ( ROC Flevoland ) had to be on the front of the card. 

It also had to include a RSVP, for invitees to reply if they would attend and how. This all had to be in the same style of the card itself.

The people of Unicef told us what they did, what they expected from us and all that jazz.

During the speech ( Or through some text, I don't remember, it's some time ago ) they said; With only 75 cents, we can buy medicine, to help these people. 75 cents. The dinner invitations was given to a fair amount of high-class people, which all donated a minimum of 50 euros.

First, I made a moodboard.

I had some ideas in my head, and the moodboard was more something that I had to do for school, than the things I had already worked out in my mind.

The idea of curing someone or helping someone for only 75 cents stayed with me. With only a week to finish this project ( along with all the other school projects, homework and classes ) this design came forth.
The left side is the back of the card. The entire text was given to me. Also, they insisted that the last part of the text had to be in the Times New Roman fontface because they loved it so much. Me, as a designer, pinched my nose for a minute.

"But hey, it's for a good cause."

The front was exactly what I had in mind. A needle which resembled medicine, and a price tag in perspective. Just 75 cents. 

This was just the way I wanted it. 


The needle was photographed by me ( no stock images used ). 

This is the original photo:
A needle from the local health care centre my mother worked at, poorly photographed by a second-year media design student.
Thank god for Photoshop.

Fun fact: This was photographed with a sony-ericsson mobile phone with one of those Carl Zeiss lenses.

It made pretty good macro photo's, actually. Some of those photo's in my next project.
This is the reply-card.

Very simple, very blue. Just the way I liked it.
Eventually, my design was chosen by the head of the board of management at the Unicef headquarters in Almere.

As a reward, I was able to enjoy a fabulous meal for free.

I was very proud and very happy.