Adhira is a fictional character we as a group came up with to bring in social awareness to everyone particularly from Bangalore.
A bus as a public space is not respected enough and because of that we wanted a relatable character inspired from a bus conductor who solves everyday situations in a bus.
Her powers are superhuman but such that anyone who is alert and cautious enough can save the day.
Our development of the character began when we interviewed a lot of commuters and conductors on public safety and what they had faced as regulars in the bus.
Adhira Nayak is a feminist bus conductor with superhuman powers ,who fights everyday crimes and issues that people face in a public bus.She wishes to instill peace and tranquility within transport buses and hopes to transform the mindset of the general public.
She also dreams of a future in which everybody stands up and speaks out against what is wrong and doesn’t have the typical tolerant behavior everybody seems to maintain.

She’s aptly named Adhira,which stands for ‘lightning’ in Kannada describing her powerful and swift demeanor.
She does have super powers but at the same time she wants to promote general awareness of people in a public place.She truly believes the you do not need to be a superhero to save the day.You can be less ignorant and more aware of things happening around you.
“Righteous,fast and a presence that does not go unnoticed. Adhira is the much-needed spark of lightning that ignites the fight for justice in our much beloved form of transport,The BMTC.”
Let’s not continue to be passive bystanders and put our words into action like Adhira does. Delve into these comics to witness Adhira’s daily mission to eliminate crime and restore justice in the city of Bengaluru.
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Adhira is the brain child of three design students (Bhaghya Babu, Anwesha Chakraborty and Prachi Malviya under the guidance of Mr.Deepak Srinivasan) from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.
Despite Bangalore being a metropolitan city, public safety and awareness has not been its top priority. In order for the public to identify with this fictitious character and to send the message of safety and justice across, the group has also produced a series of stickers, postcards and posters.
In collaboration with the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, Adhira is also currently being portrayed in BMTC buses all across Bangalore in a campaign against Sexual Harassment . 
For any queries or interests,shoot a mail across to Adhira herself at –
Thankyou :)
Adhira Nayak - Public Awareness Comic for BMTC

Adhira Nayak - Public Awareness Comic for BMTC

Designing a superhero icon who stands for women's rights and safety in public transport systems. Created over a span of approximately 4 weeks.