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    Some of the characters I created.
Character Design

One of my favourite working fields is conceiving and drawing various characters. In this project I am showing some of my creations, starting with my latest piece I finished today.

More will follow soon.
XSD-RZ1137 Multifunctional Robot

Kill Your Idols
The task for this study project was to create music band characters based on one song you got to choose.
Referring to the song "Kill Your Idols" by Static-X I invented a short backstory about the original musicians being abducted by aliens. The extraterrestrians had become tired of their home planet's music and just wanted to listen to something new. But as it soon turned out the band could not play as long as their kidnappers wanted them to. To solve this problem the band members got cybernetic implants to keep them awake and satisfied (e.g. by a beer barrel on the bass player's back or a caterpillar tracked chair for the drummer). The implants also improve their playing skills (e.g. by mechanical guitarist hands and a set of loudspeakers attached to the singer's head).