Auditoire Dubaï put Nathanaëlle Picot in charge of writing a 4 acts show of mapping with dancers's interactivity. The story is about photography and the photograph's experiences.
The first act plunged the audience into the journey of a photographer. Through his eyes, the guests live his passion and follow him through his journey to capture the perfect photograph : his preparation, his quest to find the right subject, the way he composes the image and fix it.
The second act is about Black and White.
It immerses the audience into a graphical & contrasted vision of life in black & white. The performer and his shadow fight to impose their vision of life in a modern, dynamic & powerful ballet. Only to realise that a good B&W picture is made of an infinity of greys. From their union grows a tree of life.

The third act is Night Photography. It is built on the use of 4 graphical univers enabling us to magnify the difficult art of capturing light, which is the essence of Night Photography : city, water, fire and cosmos.
The last act is about Life.
This final act is a spectacular artistic performance in which 3 characters, representing the 3 primary colours, unit their strength to revive a white chrysalides having lost her colours and joie de vivre. Every attempt of the 3 colourful characters to bring the chrysalis back to life, results in an explosion of colour pigments revealing the finalist photographs.
Conception of a 3D Mapping for HIPA Ceremony Awards, Dubaï
Show Director / Conception : Nathanaelle Picot 
Music by Loïc Masson
3D Graphists : Eric Gaudet-Traffy, Cyril Delapeyre, Benjamin le Talour & Thierry Masson

Production Company : AUDITOIRE DUBAÏ
Antoine Croise
Jean-Baptiste Cabrera
Audrey Baldacci
Light designer : Bruno Corsini
Choreographer : Compagnie Hybride - Lionel Hun
Technical installation : 14 video projectors/PRG
Diffusion system : Modulo



Production Company : Auditoire Dubaï Antoine Croise Jean-Baptiste Cabrera Audrey Baldacci Lionel Hun / Choreographer Light Designer : Bruno Corsi Read More
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