Light Theatre Poster
This is my poster on the theatre play Light directed by Brian Kulick and performed by Colmubia Stages. The play has a dark tone and I wanted to have that show in the poster. The pig and the nose are both signifigant figures that appear at the climax of the story. By combining both symbols, not only am I giving viewers a glimsp into the play, but portraying its tone. 
The plague comes to a remote medieval village where only seven inhabitants survive; dying was the easy part – now the question, for the handful who remain, is how to live. LIGHT forces questions of morality and survival to the forefront as desperation causes a community’s identity to teeter between civilization and barbarity.

Light: Directed by Brian Kulick. 
Based on the Book by Torgny Lingdren.
Original Size: 20' x 16'
Typeface: Blanch
Light Theatre Poster