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    Tile Mural, special project on Imagery of nature on Ceramics.
Imagery of Nature on Ceramics
It is one of the assignments that I did for my Special project during December. 
Working in ceramics was a wonderful experience which I am looking forward to continue.
The task was to see, observe, imitate, study, get inspired and experiment with the various styles that already exist in the ceramic tile making. I went through many beautiful references, where in tiles were painted, carved, embossed and motifs have been build to achieve a larger. That gave an interest to work on mural tiles. Below seen is my second assignment - Illustrating an element from nature on the tiles. I chose an image from my photo albums and started to make illustrations. I wanted it to reflect the way I draw or illustrate. I decided to carve the design so that it appeals to our visual senses. The different levels of layers attracts the sense of touch.
Medium: Stoneware Clay
Size: 1ft x1.5ft
Making tiles with the help of the frame....

Imagery is a natural, yet special, way of thinking that involves our senses. It is a type of thinking that has particularly strong effects on our psychology. It is a flow of thoughts that includes memories, dreams, plans, visions, feel, touch, vision, imagination, taste, sound, memories and fantasies. It is a visually descriptive or figuartive language that is used to represent objects, actions and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our physical senses.

Our Institute Ceramic Studio.... the lovely place... :D
 There is more in these series. will be uploading soon