This is my final project for the course called Multimedia Applications given by great instructor Aydin Bager Akbay at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul/Turkey. The idea is controlling MAX/MSP patches by using Arduino Uno. For this course I coded some Max patches that I could create synth sounds.
With the huge help of Bager I imagined controlling these patches by using Arduino. And with the great cooperation of his atelier called ISKELE 47 I was able to code Arduino to manage Max patches.

Here is the process, hope you enjoy !
Process - trying to control my patches by motion and movements on Arduino. 
Process - trying to control my patches by using sliders, buttons and potentiometers on Arduino.
Process - trying to control my patches by using light sensor on Arduino.
In the final I wanted to use this project as a live instrument. I used Arduino to control Max/MSP patches which
I made before to create synth sounds. By using potentiometers, a light sensor and a button on my breadboard 
I was able to change the brightness, vibration, feedback and tune of the sound.

With the huge help of Sencer Kilic (MA in Sound Engineering) - Baturalp Cetin (MA in Sound Engineering) - Alparslan Kaya (on Drums) - Murat Alsancak (on Bass Guitar) we made some noises and recorded them in BAU Studios (Istanbul/Turkey). For the video my cool friends Kadir Sarac (BA in Cinema Studies / Camera) - Halil Solmaz (BA in Cinema Studies / Lightning) halped me alot, then I made this video (direction, editing and color grading made by me).
Promotional video with some real time sounds.
Drums Soundcheck.
I'm using my friend's iPhone's flash to make change the vibration of the sound.
Baturalp and Sertan are giving numbers for each part of drum-set. 
Sencer is about to find the noise problem.
Baturalp is working for more deep bass sound.
Me trying to find light sensor problem.
Baturalp is working on Flamingo (Dual Mic Preamp).
Murat is trying to tune his guitar.
Sencer is opening new channels, again and again.. Me watching him.
I'm on my side.
Potentiometer and slider at the same time. (It worked, yay!)
I'm trying to control the feedback of the sound by movements.
I'm playing with the potentiometers to control the brightness of the sound.
Me playing with the slider.
Thanks for scrolling...
Arduino Band

Arduino Band

I tried to create another way to make music.