The Allied Health module is an example of compiling information in a more eye catching an easily accessible manner. Users can navigate to the introductory video of their choice rather than have to sit through all to get to what they require. It is created predominantly in PowerPoint, using Poladroid to convert the jpegs to high resolution Polaroid images.
An introduction to staff that involves cropping, background removal, colour editing and hyperlinking. Created completely in PowerPoint other than the photographs, clicking on a team member will navigate the user to that team members individual page with details. They can then return to the main menu or click on the silhouette of another member.
Come Fly with TRAC is a themed "journey" through a complex area. From collecting your ticket (course objectives), selecting your seat (topic areas) and relaxing in your aeroplane seat (written and audio visual content), the user navigates through the content in a relaxed and pleasant manner.
Medico-legal module containing four separate topic areas. Case scenario questions requiring logical thought and medico-legal knowledge are included. A video introduction as well as an animated case scenario using xtranormal state were used.
A case study of a potential first patient. This is a non-linear course where selection options are often hidden and require thought to progress. The majority is made in PowerPoint with images of people coming from DesignComics. 
X-ray style light box to demonstrate new guidelines for resuscitation. 
Guess Who style introductions page. Hierarchy from front to back. Clicking on a team member will take them to their individual page with title and contact details.
Incorporating Design Comics with PowerPoint to create a comic book based on a case scenario. A less threatening way to present important subject matter.
The example above shows a slide from 5 different "What's your Diagnosis?" modules. The solid colour with silhouettes theme is maintained through the series, with each module a different colour. The modules are self directional, moving away from the usual linear modules.