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Sketches and foresights from 2007
These are part of the sketches that I made when I was a kid
In 2008 every Apple competitor because of the iPhone, started to propose touchscreen devices or what they claimed to be “iPhone killer” but actually no one of those did their job, because no one of the competitors had a clear idea of the post
iPhone era. This was the Sony Ericsson B1: minimal, functional and smart, small, thin and fashionable.
The side button let the dial keyboard pops up, it was my idea of a good iPhone enemy.

Aluminium band (2 years later - iPhone 4)
Central facing camera (4 years later - Phone 5)
Fingerprint scanner as central button (5 years later - iPhone 5s)
Years 2009, Sony Ericsson had started to decline. Its’ future looked worrisome.
Samsung copied Apple and other competitors had no idea what to do.
Therefore I prepared a project with 2 phones to show to an important Sony manager (He was visiting Milan for the Design week).
I met him, but I was only a little kid with a rough pile of sketches and bad English skills, maybe not very reliable.
Sony acquires Ericsson (4 years later)
Cleaner lineup with one category that I called Communia (4 years later Xperia become the only category of products)
Notification center (Some year later by Android and iOS)
Other features: “Animations” and “Distance screen” (Some years later by Samsung and Android)
Summer 2008
When I first saw the multitouch in action I immediately thought about a wrist device.
Actually my idea of phone of the future is wrist-related.
I called this new device: Sony U.M.D
Ultimate Multimedia Device, not a very original name but at that time it sounded cool to me
with a rounded touch screen and a high density 2” display.
Year 2011
LG made a great job with the Black label Series, 
I tried to push it further with this phone, the first waterproof phone with edge to edge display. 
Year 2006 
Competitor of the Nokia N95
Other sketches that I did in 2009 still present many technologies and ideas that are not yet came out.
Sketches and foresights from 2007

Sketches and foresights from 2007

A lot of the features that I designed in these early sketches came out in the market some years later.
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