Silly Rabbits, Trix are for Kids!
Silly Rabbits, Trix are for Kids! is an interactive comic introducing two rabbits who find themselves trapped in absurd and hazardous situations. Through a trial and error process requiring logical thinking and good timing, the user can make the story go on via the interaction with several scenarized elements.
Each frame, immobile at first, comes to life under the actions of the user. There are several ways of interacting: the rabbits can be moved from a frame to another, and several special objects can be used at any time, triggering specific new situations. The possible interactions and some clues are indicated to the user via the use of the red color.
The game is very short and conceived to be failed and retried several times, each time leading to new possible outcomes. The story follows different paths depending on what actions the user decides to effectuate. Most of the situations will lead to the dramatic death of the rabbits, adding a tragi-comic element of repetition.
The interactive comic exists in a Flash version, as well as in a physical version of the project. The latest includes a tracking system to guide the rabbits with the hand and real objects corresponding to the interactive elements in the comic: a initial string to pull, a fan, a slot machine and a fog machine. We played with their affordance in order to make the game more easily understandable, immersive and fun to play.
For this project I worked on the Actionscript code with Felipe Urquijo, as well as the physical computing part (Arduino) with Ya-Sheng Cheng, and the tracking system. Graphics are from James Shorrocks.