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what do you see...
I know why that guy was screaming, he had a bad tooth! (lol) he used to think his teeth are always going to be white and precious (and he was so proud of them, they have always been his prized possessions, stark white perfect set of teeth) but ‘time’ has showed him bad tooth days are bound to occur sooner or later… now he has a bad tooth, bleeding and possibly going to be pulled out and he's in pain
The pic looks mysterious a little bit dark, like in another realm.  See the man in the picture is Lasro leader of the Chinco Clan out for blood.  The Chico Clan who are a group of mischiefs out to destroy anything and anyone in their path.  The city of Raylif has not been able to eliminate this threat; however with the help of Stalwart they have been able to contain them.  However for this night 'The battle rages on' ...
What I see is someone in pain, and he is in a place he doesn’t belong to he’s is taken back in time by some kind of force. But that force approached the ‘man’ very gently, lovingly, not so fierce, singing a sweet lullaby and luring the ‘man’ in to the deep forest …and suddenly the unexpected happens! That force transforms itself, blends with the forest, strangles the ‘man’…but the ‘man’ is a fighter, a warrior with unspeakable powers that he was able to tame down the force and bring him back to its old self (you see how the force that strangled him is becoming soft from thick and black strands to fragile flowers)….
It symbolizes modern man's infatuation and eventual strangulation by the new religion of Enviromentalism.

I see Tarzan, a well dressed one.