The Elder Scrolls " Dwemer."
This is my favorite universe. So I decided to rework it in the visual
decision. I hope you enjoy it and it will be interesting even to those
who are not familiar with the line of games TES from Bethesda Softworks.
Dwemer - one of the races of Nirn in the series computer games The Elder Scrolls.
Hermit elven race that people call gnomes (which is not entirely true); it is believed that this race has completely disappeared by the end of the First Era.
" Divine Metaphysics."
The High Priest of the Dwemer race and chief architect tone.
It was a very gifted and intelligent mer, great wielding the magic. He worked with the Heart of Lorkhan and created a legendary instrument (or so-called The tools of Kagrenac - Sunder,  Sunder and  Wraithguard), and built the first Numidium, also known as the Brass God or Brass Tower. He is the author of the book "Divine Metaphysics".
" Dumac."
Dumac Dwarf-Orc.
King of the Dwemer. A longtime friend of Nerevar. Dumac and Nerevar united their nations to banish Nords from Morrowind (which at the time was called Dunmereth). Land they called their states Resdayn and formed the First Council, managing the two nations during the union.
 " The Egg of Time."
Bthuand Mzahanch
Was one of the Tonal Architects. Assistant of Kagrenac. Author of the book "The Egg of Time." In this work he rejects the view of some Dwemer that draw energy from the Heart of Lorkhan can be dangerous.
Heart of Lorkhan.
Kagrenac created a tool that allows to use the divine power of the Heart.
But something went wrong. And Dwemer disappeared every one.
That is how it all began.
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The Elder Scrolls " Dwemer."