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    one drawing and one pastel of story Courage
dream scape series
Courage is a personal project from a series of images on dreams. A young girl comes upon her grandmothers house which has been abandoned. The landscape has changed dramatically from what she remembers. The once tranquil river that runs along the house has become enraged. A forest on the other side of the river has completely died, while her grandmothers property remains healthy and green. She enters the empty house, opens the coat closet and discovers every kind of exotic animal trapped inside. After a moment the animals stampede. The girl fears for their safety as they run the river.  The girl begins an attempt to rescue the animals from the river but she is only successful in saving the lion. After the rescue she instructs the lion to return to the house while she continues to try and save more of the animals taken by the river. As the lion walks back up to the house he falls into a sink hole and is lost. Time stops for the girl as she feels the loss. The sky opens and rain falls hard on her face. When the rain stops she looks up to the sun rising over a hillside. On top of the hill, and back lit by the sun a white unicorn strides in slow motion directing her back towards her grandmothers house. When she returns to the house she finds the lion trapped in the basement.