20 kilos of dry ice, many kilos of fruit, 5 Romanian designers, 2 models, 1 stylist, 1 set designer, 1 artist to manually paint furniture, 1 make-up artist, 1 hairstylist, 1 photo assistant, many many friends to help with setting up, great people waiting long hours for us in the night at the location,  many trips to take and such... and... one crazy day where you rush it all up.

Fotografii: Andrei Fantana
Assistent Foto: Radu Tancau
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Hair: Anca Macavei
Styling: Diana Ioana Marasoiu
Scenografie: Ioana Pasca
Mobila Pictata Manual: Loreta Isac
Locatie: Atelierul De Productie
Modele: Daniela Aciu & Sabina Gab (MRA)

Clothes & Designers (excuse the mess - i'll clean it up soon) 

Colier geometric “M17 by Alexandra Ivascu” (40 Lei) . Rochie Florentina Giol (600 Lei)bluza Florentina Giol (440 Lei) Colier “M17 by Florina Farcas” (100 lei) Colanti Asos Guler Pene ZaraRochie M17 by Alexandra Ivascu“ (300 Lei)Rochie imitatie piele “M17 by Florina Farcas” (240 Lei) Ghete AsosRochie neagra cu dublura “M17 by Diana Flore” (350 Lei) Guler folosit ca accesoriu pentru cap “M17 by Carmen Chereches”.Colier geometric “M17 by Alexandra Ivascu” (40 Lei) . Rochie Florentina Giol (600 Lei) Sacou negru cu rever “M17 by Florina Farcas” (230 Lei), Ham “M17 by Diana Flore” (300 Lei), Pantaloni Imitatie Piele “M17 by Florina Farcas” (100 Lei) 
Special thanks to Corina Olaru for the extra gear.