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    Some of the concepts created for Next Galaxy and their CEEK project.
CEEK is a next-generation fully immersive entertainment and social virtual reality platform being developed by Next Galaxy Corp. featuring a combination of live, virtual and augmented events. For this ground-breaking project, I designed the main locations to be visited and explored in VR, many promotional materials as well as Ceekars™ - high-tech audio headset, an integral part of the whole experience.
Some of the environments:
1. CEEK City overview. User can explore various locations, take part in live events, book tickets, enter chat rooms, etc.
2. Stages to host all sorts of performances
3. Cineplex lounge
4. Cineplex hall
5. Inside the theatre
Both, the headset, being an important part of CEEK project, as well as the haptic controller went through a number of iterations regarding design, textures and colors.
Metallic version and haptic controller concept.
One of box interior designs.
Final version, white color.
Prototype and presentation
New Galaxy prototype presentation in January 2015 at CES in Las Vegas.
Proper display is important
Some marketing materials I prepared for the event.
Jewellery store
One of the newest additions is a jewellery store with Richline collection, which will have its own VR environment. Based, on course, on my concept art (below). Check an article about it here.
Miami Children's Hospital project. Applications of remote diagnosis are being developed. They will take advantage of CEEK's haptic technology by allowing the medical staff to ultimately feel and touch patients anywhere.
More to come...