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    Project M Design Blitz was a 48 hour multidisciplinary community problem solving experience.
Project M was a 48 hour multidisciplinary design blitz that focused on the above statement.  
In the first 24 hours we roamed Rochester and talked to 5 strangers and got 5 stories that helped us better understand the community. 
Word Association mind map excercise facilitated our divergent thinking and ideations.  
The 2 words we had from the brainstorm were Mojitos and Kerfuffle which was our ideation starting point. 
Team 6cess!
Better Bite is a service that connects students with the local food venues and hence immerses them in Rochester's culture. Better Bite showcases different restaurants by running a monthly Stuff Your Face weekend providing free transportation for students. 
"Project M is a program for creative people who are already inspired to contribute to the greater good, and are looking for a platform to collaborate and generate ideas and projects bigger than themselves."