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    Since I've never had any commission from marvel I made this self assigned project to make it happen. Just for self promotion purposes.
"These guys were always among my favorite characters, and given the powers they both deploy i've always wanted to depict a scene like this. Given that Thor is actually a God, it seems that Hulk hasn't got a chance, but against this green beast you can never be sure, the angrier he gets the stronger he becomes! Here's the deal: I wanted to suggest that Hulk's strength could eventually really get boosted by the lightning that he's actually trying to hold, making the very Mjölnir melt in an unusually powerful electric blast. Hulk's next punch would be pretty epic then... To give a more dramatic effect, the scene is taking place high above, with the rainfall and the city background both with a strong perspective. I think this one would make a nice cover for a comic book."