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    Since I didn't get any commission form Marvel comics recently (or ever), I decide to make my own cover illustration and make it happen.
​​Following up with comics, i've always found interesting how female characters can be physically strong without loosing the feminine side of it. Power rules in the comic world, and here i wanted to show three potent characters, with solid but still alluring bodies (ok, there's a matter of taste here), just like the rocky background with the upcoming storm: Mother Nature, so beautiful, so powerful. In this self comission i was imagining a cover for a hypothetical comic of these three: Hulka (left), Valkyrie (top) and Thundra (and you just found out were the title comes from). The challenge was to make a nice cover with a traditional taste, avoiding the comic typical inked outlines and shadows. I wanted to make a quiet atmosphere in a moment preceding the imminent power deployment of the trio against a mysterious rival that has just been revealed in front of them. As in the background, a fierce storm is about to be unleashed and this is the calm right before it.