Wolf  Counsel (Acrylic/Ink/Photoshop 2014)
The Mighty Sparrow (Acrylic and Ink on paper 2006)
Fran's Robin (Acrylic on board 2015)
Fishing (Acrylic and Ink on paper 2010)
Mad Cow (Adobe Illustrator & Wacom Bamboo Tablet 2012)
Bear Said He'd be Here By Now II (Acrylic and Ink on paper 2010)
Suspended in the air (Acrylic on board 2013)
Progress (Acrylic and ink on paper 2006)
A vision in the forest (Acrylic on board 2010)
Flying Circus (Ink on paper 2007)
 Abit of Ciunis (Acrylic on board 2010)
Pale Bear (Acrylic and Ink on paper 2009)