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    Spider house: Domestic effects in a house in La Navata, Madrid
The house, like an acrobat,  hovers over a complex topography resting on a minimum number of contacts with it. This topography also organizes movement and section. The organization considers the changing needs of a couple with two toddlers. 
Site sketches
Propensity sitemap
Sitemap and Section diagrams
Working drawings
The project is composed by two basic items, a solid platform and an overall protecting membrane. The platform absorbs most of structural efforts and the technical infrastructures, that branches upwards colonizing the façade. This two elements condition (outwards and inwards) all domestic spaces.
Physical Model
Main floor
Rooftop garden
The façade lattice holds an atomized set of light, humidity, energy and information emitters. Globally they provide all the atmospheric performance of the house.
Facade Detail