Project Objective
The objective of this project is to give a brand identity to my sisters wedding. The wedding will take place in a vineyard and the ceremony will take place in a barn. The brand message that I am trying to deliver is a friendly, welcoming, and at home feeling. For each piece I used the brand colors and fonts for consistency and continuity.
Concept and Solution
I started out this project by being asked to design and brand my sister's wedding. To deliver the message I used the colors of the dresses and tuxes that will be seen during the event. I made the invitation clean, formal and friendly. I want the guests to be immediately clear on what they have in their hand before reading all the little details. Since the wedding is during the summer I think it is fitting to have the blue/mint color incorporated into the event. While everyone will be feeling hot from the weather, I think the cool colors will psychologically give off a cool feeling.
Brand Message
Target Market
The target market that I am aiming for are the Bride and Groom as well as the guests who will be attending the wedding. There will be a large age range in guests from young kids to elderly adults.
Developemental Work
Brand Standards