From Inspiration to Triumph is the story of how we create our products. Once we realised that we need to explain what exactly Estrorama is and what our creative process looks like. So we came up with the idea of an exhibition, which would allow people to follow the way of creating a product from the very beginning to the final. We called it From Inspiration to Triumph. Everything begins from Inspiration. It is the first step. The inspiration generates the Idea. Than it is time to explore materials and properties — time for Experiment. Experiments lead to the Production — this is the first appearance of the Product. But the product is just a thing without the Mythology. It gives the Product its personal character and a story. And the glory final, the Triumph, is the last and most important chapter for each product. 
This exhibition is a kind of a theatre, in which the viewer is an only actor. You pass through 6 rooms as 6 chapters of the story. In these two-dimensional decorations you meet only a few three-dimensional objects, and each one of them is a real product, designed and made by Estrorama. You can also find 6 Main Principles of Estrorama in each room. 
From Inspiration to Triumph.
12th December 14 — 12th February 15
Moscow, Russia
The great way begins with creating the new rules.
When the idea looks impossible, it is called a dream.
You can only get answers, when you ask questions.
Only implemented ideas can change the world.
An object with personality creates the story by itself.
The most significant for each object is the moment of meeting with its owner.
Concept & design: Andrey Budko, Tanya Klimenko, Ksenia Stavrova
Illustration: Ksenia Stavrova
Making: Andrey Budko, Tanya Klimenko, Ksenia Stavrova, Evgeny Surov, Lesha Sibirsky, Ekaterina Bialskaia, Yulia Sverchkova, Daria Rodionova
Music: Pavel Karmanov
Animation: Ksenia Stavrova
Video: Valery Stepashkin
Photo: Anna Kholina, Anna Alferova
Objects: estrorama