El Desayuno, 2009oil on canvas (60 x 80 cm)
"I seriously think Iused to party with this guy. Something about him just makes the scenedepicted in El Desayuno so familiar. The vacant stare and cup ofcoffee all scream that he is paying the price for living it up thenight before.
The painting was done on oil canvas by Celine Boukobza and looksinto the lifestyle of the youth of today. Tatted, hungover and ready todo it all over again, this is a calling card for all the heroes of ourgeneration", Brian G Randles, www.trendhunter.com/trends/el-desayuno , (Dec, 20, 2009).
oil on canvas, (40 x 40cm)
, 2008
oil on canvas (38 x 45 cm)
oil on canvas (40 x 40 cm)