Smartpay (UX/BX/Product design)

Upon arrival at Smartpay, one immediately bared witness to a very strange yet unique situation. A situation where the company had just been rebranded for its second consecutive time over the course of three years. 
The company had hoped to re invent itself as a modern-aged/innovative payments provider, however that vision had failed to come to fruition in the execution of the brands new look, and rather, had seemed to have inherited a seemingly tired, confusing and dated visual style.

After conducting a market/competitor analysis, it became evident that Smartpay’s new visual identity was not only falling behind the benchmark set by competitors but also sending the wrong message to its audience as well as lacking the required desire in order to make an impact on potential clientele.

Being apart of a fast paced industry meant that Smartpay often found itself confronted with a large volume of projects, many involving thousands of dollars with fast project turn overs.
This meant that because time was of the essence, the possibility getting senior management together for a third re branding exercise so soon after the last, seemed practically inconceivable in terms of time and resource management. 

With the company also having no dead set core values or mission, the idea of a gradual implementation of a refreshed look seemed to be the best option rather than have a complete over hall of the existing brand.

So how do we create a new formula for a success? How do we improve a visual identity without creating something new from scratch? whilst staying true to the majority of the existing brand guides? without also having to spend an extra dime?
Formulation of a new visual identity blue print
Because rebranding is a such an expensive, resourceful and energy intensive exercise, modernising Smartpay’s existing visual identity had to be a gradual process. Starting with the likes of the smaller projects such as brochures, user guides and magazine adds and finishing off with the larger, more complex projects such as websites and software applications. However, this still meant that creating a blue print for a successful brand in the pre implementation phase was vital in achieving the ultimate goal of a fully refurbished and professional looking brand.
Below: Smartpay Monthly Company Performance Report
The implementation of a refreshed brand is more than just a visual representation, Its a cultural and behavioural shift, in terms of how people think and operate in a working environment. Coming up with a revised, short, effective and more engaging way to present our monthly performance indicators to our staff was a top priority and an important milestone in the greater scheme of a cultural revolution. Getting straight to the point quickly and effectively but in a simple and visually engaging way was a long overdue objective. Rather than having our staff sit through tediously long and lacklustre power point presentations, our two man strong marketing team, took the initiative to completely re imagine how we report, inspire and reward our staff for consistency.
Below: Smartlink (CAS)
Smartlink (CAS/Central Administration System) is an application used to monitor the performance of EFTPOS Payments devices across Smartpays' customer network. It allows both merchants and the payments service provider (Smartpay) to continually monitor the performance of their terminals as well as function as well as to function as a direct trouble shooting portal for clients. With clients continuously finding it difficult/frustrating to navigate the dated user interface, it was requested by senior management to conduct a case study into whether a complete overhaul of the system where to be necessary/beneficial. 

With a poorly mapped out user information architecture and well as user interface, leading to a frustrating user experience. The project got underway with the utilisation of key observation methods for users of various levels interacting with the system.  

With the ambitions of the brand in mind, as well as the negative stereotypes associated with EFTPOS payments, a completely a brand new user experience was crafted, giving birth to a cleaner, simpler and far more well laid out interface, whilst still expressing the core values of the brand. 
Below: T2G (Till2Go) and Smartlink for Iphone and Ipad
Developed in conjunction Solta Labs NZ, Till2Go known as "the cash register that fits in you’re pocket", is a virtual cash register/Point Of Sale application designed to interface with EFTPOS terminals. Aimed towards the SME market. T2G is designed to aid in helping customers set up to recieve hassle free electronic/EFTPOS payments system quickly. The project involved having to design the user experience and interface for both T2G and Smart-link (essentially a communications dongle application) for both the iPhone (then 4s and 5) and iPad, including promotional/brand work in under two weeks. The development work was then sent to Apple Inc for certification before being launched on the Appstore.
The construction of a family of industry related vector icons for use across all collateral (digital/print) were essential for clients being to be able to quickly identify key aspects/areas of provided services as well as expressing the core essence of the brand.not only quickly but with a positive associated emotional feel.
Key themes such as soft, approachable, friendly and fun in order to evoke the appropriate mood for whatever situation the brand finds itself within. 
Above: Logomark and identity work for Smartpay’s recently launched Australian subsidiary: Smartpay Taxis
Below: Smartpay, Till2Go, product offering and software icon development process.

Social Media: Reimagining Smartpays' social media experience to be less intrusive/advertising driven and more informative. 
Smartpay "Customer Interaction" Collateral 
A compilation of some of Smartpays typical “Customer Interaction Collateral” used by the Smartpay sales/retention team when interacting with clientele. 
Editorial Advertisements 
Typical editorial advertisements for “Retail NZ”, "Onboard" and "Hospitality NZ" Magazines
Smartpay “Sales Collateral” 
Typical Sales/Marketing Collateral (brochures, advertisements and user guides).
Refreshed Userguides and Brochures 
Smartpay Annual corporate reports 
Web User Experience/Interface design and development for Smartpay Dev.  Pin-wise and Westpac nz
EFTPOS in a box
EFTPOS in a box was a collaboration between Smartpay NZ/AUS and a multitude of major Australasian banks. EFTPOS in a box is aimed towards helping startup businesses with a quick and easy way to setup EFTPOS. The aim is for those who are in the process of seeking financial assistance from the bank, to be enticed into wanting to be able to accept payments in a variety of forms with Smartpay's EFTPOS payment solutions. The setup process is quick and easy, with everything required for a hassle free EFTPOS setup ready to go. The boxes are available in three different sizes, each representing three primary “payment scenarios” with a tailored EFPTOS Solution for each Business situation. The boxes were designed to be on display in their very own dedicated information station at selected banks across Australasia.
Many a times, strict Marketing budgets don't allow for the required tools to get the job done, such as the outsourcing of costly product photography. Below is just a typical example of many instances where photo retouching was the only solution to this problem due to strict time/budget restraints. 
Conceptual development for Client interaction/on-boarding area, as well as EFTPOS terminal pouch product hardware development and manufacture. 
Australasian, modular product showroom (under construction)
A modular product showroom solution for in house and trade show use of various sizes. The showroom, is designed to promote Smartpay’s EFTPOS product solutions in its three, primary market segments (Retail, Hospitality and Trade). Each Market Segment houses a mini pay station where potential clients get to be apart of a simulated payment experience, in the aim of experiencing the best EFTPOS and Point of Sale solutions that Smartpay has to offer. In the event of a trade show, the entire showroom can easily be collapsed and used as a singular market segment stand as apposed to the entire system if need be.
Smartpay (UX/BX/Product design)

Smartpay (UX/BX/Product design)

Refreshing Smartpays corporate identity

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