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    Calendar designs for 2015.
Decided to design some calendars for 2015 and I started with a Dr. Who themed one beginning with the first Doctor to represent January. Sketched out a little portrait of the first Doctor and hand lettered one of his catchprases. Couldn't decide if I wanted to keep the color scheme true to the show or not, since the first Doctor was aired on black and white tv, I ended up deciding to do a color version and a grayscale version.
Next calendar is a little desk one, its the size of a standard photography so they can fit in a picture frame. Went with a modern triangle motif and came up with a coordinating color scheme to represent each month.
And finally this last calendar is a kind of notepad size, roughly half the width of a standard sheet of computer paper. I decided this one should be kept minimal in design and found quotes and proverbs that really make you think and give you a new mind set. Perfect for this new year. I also though it wold be handy to have a little note section at the bottom.