Kvadrat — The Real Pizza

Corporate identity — Maxim Alimkin
Website — Basov Design Bureau
Visual and animation — Constantin Bolimond
Animation — Nastia Zubova
According to statistics, Rome is not only the sunniest, but also the most friendly city in Europe towards the street food.
Halt of the time citizens spend on the street and like no other have a good understanding of the street food. We have two real Roman in our team, the will of fate turned up in Moscow. One of them is a Cook, another - business consultant. One likes to cook traditional dishes with the author's imagination, another likes a tasty meal and the sooner the better!

So "the Square" was born - concept of a good quality fast food, for those who appreciate good and fast food.
In the Identify development we based on the square as the style element. But since the square shape is fairly static, and the concept is implied street-fast-food, we create the style with maximum of dynamic.

Turn of the logo, it's fixation,tape-descriptor and additional graphics -
all this have made the style dynamic and bright.

Logo is used in several ways: full, abbrivated (in particular for the box with 1/4 pizza), horizontal for signboards and documents.

The square is comprised in many components of the style,with uncharacteristic form:
menu card, business cards, plates and salvers.


12 square segment-patterns were designed as additional
branding elements and style foundation.
Patterns perfectly arrange in the interior and dishes of the restaurant, bages and packaging. It really helps to convey character of the brand and free hands with branding of the whole restaurant: solutions are diverse, they do not get bored and are graphically united together.

Colors are selected as the most typical for pizza:
cheese - yellow, red-tomatoes, green-basil.
The website is developed by workteam Basovdesign.com

Graphics easily moves to digital - patterns are used more delicate than in promotional materials,but connection is clearly read through the other elements.
Kvadrat — The Real Pizza

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Kvadrat — The Real Pizza

kvadrat-pizza.ru KVADRAT Real Roman pizza-bar According to statistics, Rome is not only the sunniest, but also the most friendly city in Europ Read More