playing with typography and negative space...
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Playing with number 3
Example of how type can change "personality"... With different fonts and negative space...
It's on purpose that I have not added more details...
Endurance Shoes
Little kid
Vehicle Access
Animal | Playing With Type
Letters 'M', 'A' used to form the animal and 'L' for its tail.
Toothbrush Art
Mask | Playing With Type.
A new version of Mask logo! Rotation of the letter "a" to form the mask
(for those who have not noticed)
Lab Open | Playing with negative space.
White dots represent the wrists of the doors. It's on purpose that I have not added more details
to the doors... I wanted the logo to be as minimalist as possible.
Surf Shirt
Neanderthal Wine
For those who have not noticed it, (because there are),
the bottle which represents wine is between the legs. 
Zip Wine
Runner Winner
Bear Quotes