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    WSQ: campaign launch (pitch)
WDA – Speech Bubbles
Singapore Workforce Development Agency
Speech Bubbles
With benefits such as affordability, flexibility and credibility, you really have no excuse 
not to improve your work skills, or employees’ skills with WSQ.
Communication about workforce training is usually distant and cold. Our aim is to humanise 
and personalise the subject.
The device of using speech bubbles symbolises that WSQ is listening to your concerns
about training and initiating a conversation with you.
We have structured it such that each specific concern, according to the target audience
we are speaking to, is answered by a solution from WSQ.
To specifically target the Manufacturing and Construction sector, our layouts consist 
of various raw materials used in these industries. In the future, this campaign can also 
be extended to other sectors by using the materials relevant to them.
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Employer Kit
Facebook Game / iPhone App: Game starts with a speech bubble balloon being inflated. 
An excuse for not going for work skills training is visible as the balloon reaches its full size.
Clicking on the balloon bursts it. More and more balloons with excuses will appear and the 
objective is to burst as many balloons as you can within a time limit. Whether you win or lose, 
this message will appear at the end: With WSQ, there really are no more excuses not to advance 
your career. To find out the answers to your concerns, visit wda.gov.sg This game can be made 
available on Facebook, as well as on iPhone. Its entertainment value will help it to spread virally, 
whilst reinforcing the message that WSQ hasFacebook game / iPhone app: 
Web Banner
Microsite: The interactive site extends the dialogue between WSQ and our targets. It lets users 
enter their career goals, or their reasons for not upgrading their skills. The algorithm automatically 
matches them with courses that best address their areas of concern and interest.
Outdoor Mural: A standing mural wall that allows passer-bys to fill in the ‘speech bubbles’ with their own 
concerns about skills training. To be placed in or around industrial estates.
Public Installation: Standees of speech balloons displayed in public spaces.
Table Sticker: ‘Speech bubble’ table stickers in factory and company canteens.
Bus Advertising: ‘Speech bubbles’ adorn thewindows of the bus, 
with a few placed as if they are the seated passengers’ thoughts.
Bus Handles: Wrap-arounds turn bus handles into speech bubbles.
Trade Shows Booth: A speech-bubble-inspired booth to house booklets, enquiry corners,
and a mural that allows participants to write their concerns.