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Marilyn Monroe Collection
Art Direction & Finishing
This was a project that I art directed. The concept was to create a magazine like feel for this collection, with each book differentiated by the years of the release date. I wanted to emphasize having a flap where the audience would have to flip the package 90º to see a full shot of Marilyn. Ideally, trying to simulate the idea of looking at a old pin up magazine. In addition to the concept exploration, I also did some retouching, layout and finishing towards some of photos of Marilyn. Credit should go to the talented designers that helped build and execute the concept perfectly. 

This was another concept that never went to production. The front image was illustrated by me using pencil and inked on Adobe Illustrator. The Tri fold booklets were to simulate the look of the big head shots found around talent agencies, these were to hold the movie discs on the back side.