2011 | miscellaneous
S / S.
◊ Signature S., my signature work. Created from digital images, a piece of digital collage.

Top ◊ Digital images, Photoshop. 2012 revision.
Bottom ◊ Digital images, Photoshop. 2010.
◊ I've been away for a while. I moved myself to England for master degree study.
This is my very first work I made after I sorted many things out.

There is no story behind this work. I just tried to arrange a new composition.

◊ Pen & Pencil & Watercolor on paper. 2011.
◊ Tiger & doodle lines from sketchbook.
In Thai, we have many mottoes and one which remarks me a lot is "Two tigers unable to survive in the same cave"  

◊ Pencil & Watercolor on paper. 2011.
◊ A new experimental technique on watercolor paper.
◊ Watercolor on paper. 2011.
◊ Stag's antler and S/S. Pressed stamper
◊ Watercolor on paper. 2011.
◊ Two tigers, working process and the final piece.
Tiger in symbolism; The creator and destroyer.
◊ Water color on paper, Photoshop 2011.
◊ Lioness with prey's blood cover its face,
◊ Pencil Drawing, Water color on paper & Photoshop. 2011.