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The National Lottery
  DDFH&B appraoched me to create a Rube Goldberg style installation for the new National Lottery Gameshow :  "The Million Euro Challenge". Our journey takes us through some of the luxuries you can afford if you win the million euro prize. From zooming through the French Riviera in a spanking new red ferrari, to cruising around an exotic island in the Caribbean, or partying in a vegas nightclub, to upgrading your house to a beautiful gold palace, we cover it all. The Pyramid becomes front and center as we make it rain on our end lockup.
This was a huge design undertaking from our crew at Method, from concepting each level, to pre-vizing the motion control camera move, even designing the gallery space, and providing a blueprint for the structure itself. With the help of Rube Goldberg veterans 2D House in Toronto, we shot this piece over two days in a warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario. The rube goldberg machine included : weighted pully-systems, magician paper, motion censors, 3d-printing, hand crafted dioramas, forced perspective, all shot on Red Dragon with a motion control camera move.
Concept Frames & Behind the Scenes
Design & Direction : Shane Griffin & Jon Noorlander
2D Concept Design : Mieka Jewit, Ivan Girard, Shane Griffin.
Post Producer : Christos Mountzouros
Production Company: Antidote Films
Producer : Andrew Freedman
Agency : DDFH&B
Creative Director : Paudge Donaghy
Copywriter : Ted Barry
Account Director : Mary Saunders
Producer : Aisling O'Dwyer
DOP : Christophe Colette
Art Department : 2D House
Head of Operations : David Davir
The National Lottery