Bumble Bags
E-commerce Redesign for Children's Party Bag Website
Bumblebags.co.uk was looking to refresh their old e-commerce website with a new look. The brief for this project was to redesign a clean, simple and attractive website. The client was looking to have the website on a white background and they wanted to keep the current Bumblebags colours from the logo (green, pink, blue and grey) in the design to keep it young and vibrant. This would also retain some continuation from the old website. It was established however that the new website design should not be a typical party website and that it should be calm and not over-the-top, with a further mention that the design should appeal to both parents and children alike. 

Boys and girls sections were made more prominent by using the blue and pink colours as visual identifiers, while the green highlighted the bags section and the grey for products. The characters from the logo were used wherever there were comments to convey a sense of quirkiness and playfulness. Comic Sans was used sparingly to give the website that youthful appeal instead of a typical san-serif (or more grown-up) typeface.