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A Parallel Approach
Exhibition for the MA Graphic Design Show 2014 at London College of Communication.
This dynamic display proudly presents the work of forty-eight full-time and twelve part-time MA Graphic Design graduates from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. Emerging from a challenging research-led site of enquiry, our graduates invite you to join them in an experience that stands somewhere between an action, a test, a showcase and a conversation.
A parallel approach is a place of action, not of exhibition. It is an opportunity to associate fragments of research, experimentation and realisation; to contemplate aspects that are foreign to one another; to encounter new findings for some that are reminders for others; to activate and interpret; to formulate and consider; to build transitions and justifications; to wander and to ponder; to stop and to think. Much like our graduates, you are invited to resist convention, administer caution with assumption and suspend established habitual modes of engagement whilst making your way through this rich, divergent and sprawling terrain of theoretical, conceptual and practical endeavours. 
Acknowledging the contingency of culture, the complexities of society and the sprawling matters graphic design engages with, this graduating body of students has set firm foundations in place that will carry them forward into new, speculative and productive futures. We advise you to keep an eye out for this resilient, nimble, critical and imaginative bunch. 
Paul Bailey
Course Leader, MA Graphic Design
A Parallel Publication
Drawing on experience and insight, a designer or writer decides on the content and the order
of each page of a publication, working to create a finished piece. But this publication is not yet finished. In this MA Graphic Design Show, your task is to gain your own experience and insights to help you craft a publication of your own.
Like the graduates who undertook research in MA Graphic Design, you will piece through visual fragments from such diverse fields as design, science and technology, architecture, journalism, literature, and photography. Using the same research that informed the projects in this course, you will assemble your own work that is tied directly to your actions and experiences in this space. Driven by personal interests, your publication can take many forms and shapes.
To create your publication, you must explore, taking poster fragments that catch your eye. Complete the publication with project sheets in the back of this space which show pieces of graduates’ research and links to more holistic views of their major projects. Create your own associations. Choose your own order for the pages. Bind your publication. Unbind it. Have your own experience.
Art Direction and Concept:  Dario GraccevaSarah KrebietkeJim Buell, Cleber Rafael de CamposKatia Alissa Mueller
Graphic Design: Dario GraccevaSarah Krebietke
Project Management: Jim BuellKatia Alissa Mueller
Special thanks to Paul Bailey
MA GRAPHIC DESIGN SHOW 2014 - A Parallel Approach

MA GRAPHIC DESIGN SHOW 2014 - A Parallel Approach

MA Graphic Design 2014 A parallel approach Exhibition for the MA Graphic Design Show 2014 at London College of Communication. This dynamic dis Read more
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