The Ngamla’s logo required clean up and reproduction into fully editable artwork. 
Once the base of the logo had been recreated I then started the process of looking for inspiration the who , the where and the why of Ngamla what the name means to the man on the street. Most of the feedback centered around the image of a gangster boss or a community leader a man of the people. In an attempt to stay away from negative connotations I naturally went with the idea of a community leader and from this point the logo was crafted.
Old Ngamla's Group Logo
Old Ngamla Character
We first had to redraw the original logo. Once redrawn we stripped unnecessary elements of the logo. We cleaned up the lines of the logo. We simplified the the artwork.
We changed the facial expression of Ngamla and resulted in a dramatic change in the overall look and feel of the artwork. It is now a much more positive feeling visual.
Updated Ngamla Character
Early Exploration 1
Early Exploration 2
Early Exploration 3
Updated Ngamla's Group Logo Colourless
Updated Ngamla's Group Logo Colour