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    A personal interview with Franco Vaccari, experimenter of photography and brilliant exponent of the italian conceptual art.
Franco Vaccari
The man behind the artist
This project presents the artistic adventure of Franco Vaccari, experimental photographer and brilliant exponent of the italian conceptual art.
Since the ‘60s, Vaccari experimented a new way to use photography, where the image is no more representation, but a sign or the trace of a presence. Important themes of his production are the relationship between work and spectator (often involved in creating the exposure) and the relevance of the exhibitions context.
His most famous works are the "Exhibitions in real time", experiences in which the spectator doesn't have a passive role, but participates in the creation of the work. The more important exhibition was "Leave a photographic trace of your passage on these walls" (Venice Biennale, 1972).
In the room of the Italian Pavilion there was only a photo booth, white walls and the messagge in four languages. At the end of the Biennale, the walls were entirely covered with the photos of more than 5000 visitors, who became both authors and actors of the exibition. Vaccari described it as “a work grown like an organism, sensitive to all environmental influences".
Many other stories and funny trivials reveal the man behind the artist, through an exclusive interview which traces life and works of an artist unique in its kind.

Giuro d’avere osservato...
Interview with Franco Vaccari
Limited edition of 7 signed and numbered copies
Hardcover, 19 x 19 cm, 80 pages