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A systematic dissection of EdithBeale or "Little Edie's" signature and revolutionary costumes from the1976 cult film documentary, Grey Gardens. The film depicts afascinating relationship between a mother and daughter; formerdebutantes and relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, living in theironce was, but now condemned East Hampton Estate. What's interestingabout this film is the sense of time standing still; the depiction ofLittle Edie's relationship to her most prized garments, rotating andinterchanging between scenes.

This poster documents those relationships, showcasing her top ten mostreoccurring costumes. Each costume is represented through its number ofoccurrences, number of frames and total screen time; each sizedproportionately in relationship to one another, as well as the entirefilm. For example, the brooch is the top occurring item, with 25appearances, totaling 089618 frames, or 67% of the film. Thisinformation is complimented formally with graphic and typographicexpressions of this same idea-- using 3-dimensionality to build layerscreating a sense of depth.