Zero Gravity Stage Generator V2

Digital Art
Zero Gravity Stage Generator
Hey. Again we’ve made a file that let’s you to create limitless presentations. With this file you will get high quality images and mock ups to create unlimited presentations. We’ve tried a different concept for presenting jobs. Just worried about how a image will we get when we “blow” objects. After that we’ve rented a Zero-G Plane and made a long flight to take all of these objects photos. Sure. Just kidding. We’ve hung up objects and got some photos. When you’re using this file you will have so much fun. Drag & Drop any object into your scene, move, rotate or scale them and give them some blur to get focus on your work etc… In fact your are so free and you have no GRAVITY. This is the easiest and funniest way to play with some items in the air.
Flying Devices.
All brand new Apple devices in the air.
You can drag&drop into your scene and scale as you want.
Replace your screenshot and go on.
Ready For Your Prints & Sketches.
We’ve included book covers, sketchbooks, flyers, brochures and business cards mockups too. You can replace your own layout or sketch and throw them up. Enjoy anti gravity.
Frame Mock Ups For Artworks.
If you are looking for a different artwork presentation,
you can use these flying frames in your presentations.
Fantastic Items.
You can get better showcases with these additional items.
All of them ready for help you to create unique presentations.
Bonus. 3D Generator.
With this bonus you can convert any text or logo into 3d.
No need any add-on, no need any action or plug-in.
Just paste your content into smart object layer and get a 3d effect in seconds.
20 Ready Made PSD Showcases.
Are you lazy or have no time?
Use one of ready made stages and get a quick result.
All of them fully layered and includes light setup for a photo realistic image.
Zero Gravity Stage Generator V2