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    Typography and hand lettering projects.
Don't Be Hatin' On My Bakin'- A secret Santa gift. 
I decided to do a bit of hand lettering for a Santa Gift! This seemed apt. as my victim was a 'baker'. It was pretty short noticed and it was too late and too expensive to print or get it embroidered on to an apron. So I decided on trying my hard at hand painting lettering for the first time ever! 
The design was first mocked up on photoshop, and after getting it corrupted after the first rough, I managed to put together a half decent design that didn't push me to the limit when it came to painting it out! 
You can see how I used some fabric pencil to sketch it out(Having of course stretched out the material on a board first!). I got some specialist fabric paint(No plain old acrylics this time!) and carefully went over my lines.
Ta dah!
I am planning to release this design on t-shirts and postcards in the future. Watch out kistch baking and gift shops!