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    Experimental art
All in One image that captures a woman's essence. One image that has many images within it. It represents every woman from Eve, to my Mother, my Girlfriend, Daughter, my dream Wife, my Sister to Mother Nature.

This is the first successful artwork of the idea I have, to combine poetry and semiotics. Where the visual doesn't make sense without the poetry and the poetry doesn't make sense without the visual

The naked truth Adam first saw, beauty that man work hard to please. Arousing beauty. Beauty that can be experienced by all 5 senses at once. Beauty you can't help by Love.

The woman I desire, I dream and fantasise about. The thrill of the chase. Existence that is Unbelievable. God’s masterpiece. Art for many to see but made to be only appreciated by me.
We bonded before I even knew I was alive. We were one, I was her and she was me. As long as I'm alive my ancestors are breathing and I will live on through my seed.
Life out of a Life. Art conceptualized by two and executed by one. Duplicated beauty. The love you feel originated from the love she gave you. The first love I felt was for and from my mother.
She raised a man amongst men. Kings, Queens, Presidents, Heroes,monument builders, history, the present and the future makers, it's all just a reflection of her sweat.
The man I am is based on her values. I came out of her but she still lives in me. She is my angel.
Thank you for your time