A project originally started in 2010, as a custom font for an eco-design event. The project ended with the refusal by the client, and I stopped to develope the letters. Initially uploaded as single artwork with the first three letters on Deviantart, it reached an unbelievable amount of views for me at the time (over nine thousands) and a lot of comments asking me "when the whole alphabet?" I  always answered with a "dunno, gonna think about it". And kept procrastinating it. Then I  decided to give the project another chance and I started to work again on the letters, uploading all the wip process on my Facebook page, receiving a very good feedback about it. After the publication it has become and still is one of my most successful project, and it brought me popularity and commissions, and features on design books. I owe a lot to this project, and it's still one of my favourite ones.
Hope you'll like my Brushwood Typeface as well.
Amongst several features on the web and sales to private clients for different purposes (once it has been used as typeface for the logo of a garden) the best achievement for me has been to see it used by the magazine Wired Italy (nov.2011 issue). The mag was one of my first inspiration as a student for their creative use of typography and illustration in their layouts.
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