Acrylic on canvas. 170 x 135 cm. 2009
I felt like sharing one of my most recent and, for me, significant works. It was inspired by La Peregrina, (see bellow) one of the most beautiful paintings of Colonial Latin American Art, subject that unfortunately hasn’t been treated as it should be on Art History Books. I painted this whilst listening to Nabokov’s classic Lolita (the audio book narrated by Jeremy Irons).

Religion, sex and woman representation are recurrent subjects in my work. Although I’m not sure I am completely satisfied with the result (as it happens with almost everything I do) I think until now this is the image that best depicts my views on these subjects, as well as my interest for Latin American Catholic Iconography and the Art of New Granada. I won’t explain now all the complexities that drive me to make paintings like this, because they’re too many. Just last weekend I had a very interesting conversation with my boyfriend where I concluded it's a good thing I’m able to express myself through art, because that’s the only way I can give shape to the chaos in my mind and put it into single pieces, allowing me to be as contradictory as I want, and without having to make closed statements.

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La Peregrina Anonymous (Escuela de Cuzco)56 x 40 cm. Oil on canvas. Museo del Seminario. Cuzco.
The Process of this painting is very important, because the image beneath is an essential part of the whole idea...
Thanks for watching :)