SMART/Mercedes Benz Advertising
This project for SMART was my first exposure to doing an advertising brief and was done in a group with three of my classmates - Olivia Ripley-Taylor, Andrew Maxwell and Liam Newell. During the brief we created three advertising campaigns for the SMART ForTwo. We chose to express our advertisements in a photographic form, however because it is reasonably difficult to organise a photoshoot with things like a tank, cannon and plane on a student budget, our final adverts where done as compositional sketches in illustrator.

All of our campaigns have the running theme of exaggerated strength. As a small car we felt not enough people understood how strong the SMART ForTwo was so we concentrated on it. As well as creating three advertising campaigns, we also came up with 3 pieces of ambient media/guerilla advertising to coincide with the first, and strongest, campaign.
Our first campaign was about how a SMART ForTwo could withstand anything, leaving the people inside unhurt.
Our second campaign was about how a small car can do big things, replacing larger objects and being able to do their job.
Our third campaign was about how the SMART ForTwo could put itself in the path of danger because it was strong enough to not be damaged.