Awarded top 15 for Michelin Challenge Design 2015. When autonomous vehicles are only mean of urban transportation, driving for pleasure become recreation activity. The aim of Chance is to make excitement and thrill riding experience available to everyone, whether you have the skill or not.
Adopt technology from autonomous urban mobility, Chance humanizes the auto pilot sytem. It will let you learn to ride at your own pace and barely involve with the ride if you are a pro. It know when to disengage and let you have fun but never let acident happen.
The vehicle features "Rugby wheels" for turning direction, leaner is sharper turning. Rear wheel split in two, they move up and down independently to maintain balance. In wheel motor and  the battery locates inside these wheels.
The more you lean, the sharper you turn.
Rear wheel splits in two. They move up and down independently to maintain the ride balance when leaning.
Wheel cover works as 180 degree rear view mirror and covered with transparent display to interact with the rider.
The goal of Chance is not to design a vehicle but to create new recreation activity just like football after work or big biking on the weekends. The good thing about Chance is you don't need to spare your free time to practice but can enjoy at your own level whether you just start or pro.