little Chinese-Pinyin alphabet
Little Chinese-Pinyin Alphabet

/ 2013 /
size: 90mm×110mm each frame
material: Sakura needle ink pen 0.05/0.1, A4 paper
a: “Ah” little girl found a fish tank.
b: "Bubble bubble bubble…" She did the same sound like the fish doing in water.
c:  " :) " She grinned and made some noise.
d:  "Der" Someone snapped his fingers.
e:  "e?" She noticed that sound.
f:  "fooooooooo" A boy appeared, he was making a sound and running like a plane.
g: "Brother! " little girl said.
h: "hehehehehhe" little boy laughed.
i:  “yiiiiiiiiii——”
j:  "jiiiiiiiiiii——"
k: "kekekekeke"
They played around by the fish tank.
l:  "le、" the fish turned around.
m:  "mmmmmmm——"
they enjoyed themselves.
n:   "ng ?!"
one of the boy's slippers was torn out suddenly, he was about to fall on the tank. 
o:  "O!"
p:   the tank was pouring down
q:    little girl was soaked because the fish tank was collapsed.
r:   "ri……" little boy moaned.
s:  "si——" gasped the boy.
t:   "te te te…" the fish was struggling.
u:  little girl was weeping.
v:    ""the boy crouched down and placed the fish on his palm gently.
w:   "(Get into) the house!" they went into the house at once.
x:  " :) " they put it into a tub and giggled.
y:  "yi?"the boy put a towel on the girl
z:  "……zi"(water's streaming sound.) they watched the fish for a while and smiled.
little Chinese-Pinyin alphabet

little Chinese-Pinyin alphabet

A little story based on the pronounciations of the 26 Chinese-Pinyin alphabet. kinda interesting, hope u like it~ :)

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