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    Branding of the speciality beers of the Alchemiste Microbrewery from Joliette, Québec (Canada)
Totally non-commercial specialty beers.

Context: The Alchimiste is a well known microbrewery from Joliette in Québec, Canada. I have previously rebranded its commercial beer line up.

Challenge: Create a new look for the Alchimiste specialty beers that resonate with true microbrewery enthusiasts. A look that is strong enough to compensate the fact the the bottles would have the same size as commercial beers.

Solution: Stepping away from the somewhat commercial looking mainstream line up and go for a completely different approach. A 100% hand crafted design that reflect what true microbrewery is all about. Using an illustrative approach that is inspired by the beers names, with hidden beer bottles (a wink to the hidden beer bottle in negative space in the brand logo). I also created a specific specialty brand stamp to make sure that there is a separation between the commercial line up logo and this sub-brand.

Client: Microbrewery Alchimiste
Agency : Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R
President and CEO : Jacques Labelle
Creative Director: Pierre Nolin
Deputy Chief of creation : Patrick Michaud
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Nicolas Baillargeon, Mathieu Lacombe
Vice President consulting service : Marie- Andrée Bertrand
Director of Consulting : Alexandre Lefebvre
Production Manager: Bruno Lefbevre
Infographic: Michel Francsali