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Low Poly Ice Landscape
A new ice landscape I created in blender! Started with a mountain and worked from there. I really love working with blender and I am really starting to understand how everything works! Used the particle system for the first time in a landscape here! I Hope you will like my process.
1st render: started with a simple mountain with some pointy rocks
2th render: Started making some other small hills in the landscape to create more variance
3rd render: changed the lighting to a more ice look
4th render: added some rocks using the particle system 
5th render: created a big hill on the left and changed camera view and added more rocks
6th render: experimented with fog 
7th render: created some ice spikes 
8th render: created spikes all over the landscape 
9th render: changed lighting and created small buildings and a moon
10th render: added a builing and added floating rocks
11th render: changed camera view (zoomed out) 
12th render: added a lake with ice and a mountain
13th render: changed the second mountain and changed the floating rocks
14th render: changed the floating rocks they now follow the landscape and added some pointy rocks
Final render: removed the moon because I think it looks better without it. 
Close up from the scene
screenshot of the wireframe
screenshot of the scene zoomed out to give you an idea of how it looks
I hope you liked my process!
If you like this please check out my other Low poly work and follow me.
Low Poly Ice Landscape